Helpful in to improve immunity, Helpful in Cough And Cold,Helpful in all types of fever, Helpful in constipation ,Helpful in constipation, Helps to reduce acidity
It is Helpful in to improve oral health ,Reduce stress,Maintain blood sugar level ,Maintain blood pressure level ,Reduce hair fall problem,Helpful in migraine problem
Keep your brain clam and stress free,Helpful in sound sleep problem ,Help to reduce unpleasant odour of sweating ,Help to reduce burning sensation of urine, Effective in jaundice
Maintain body strength after any type of fever helpful in urine ,Helpful in stomach problem
Mugal Tulsi (Ocimun citriodorm) Oil, Rama Tulsi (Ocimun sanctum) Oil, Van Tulsi (Ocimun gratissimun) Oil, Barbari Tulsi


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