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Description: Product nameUPVC casement window Profile1. UPVC profile. 2. 2.5mm-3.0mm thickness for PVC window. ColorWhite/ Dark Grey / Dark Brown / other colors can be customized. SizeCustomized by the buyer Glass typeGlass type make according to customer's request. 1. Clear glass 2. Tempered glass 3. Laminated glazing 4. Low-E glazing: Green / Blue / Brown / Golden... 5. Double glazing or triple glazing 6. Other glazing: frosted glass/crystal glass/art glass... MeshMesh is optional according to customer鈥檚 needs. 1. Aluminum security mesh 2. Stainless steel security mesh 3. Solid iron security mesh 4. Mosquito net(Nylon,Stainless steel,Diamond) HardwareGermany brand / Chinese top brand for optional 1. WINDOW FRAME Adopt high quality UPVC profile with good heat insulating function. 2. HARDWARE FITTING We have Germany brand and Chinese top brand of hardware for customer optional. Germany brand: SIEGENIA/ ROTO. Chinese Top brand: KINLONG/ CHUNGUANG. 3. GLASS Glass can be divided into many different types, such as Tempered Glass, Insulating Glass, Low-e Glass, Frosted Glass, Clear Glass for optional. For tempered glass, it can be made into double glazing glass, triplex glazing glass for insulating heat and sound. You can choose what you need, we will make it according to your requests. Project Showcase Our Company FAQ Q1: The glass will be broken after I received the goods? A: The glass would be broken only because suffering from the impact force, but it won鈥檛 break itself. Q2: UPVC/PVC and aluminum profile, which is better? A: It cannot say which one is better, they have both advantages. UPVC/PVC is good performance for sound and heat insulation. Aluminum is harder and strong for security. Aluminum also have thermal break profile to insulate heat. Q3: What are your payment terms? A: Usually we accept T/T, 40% down payment and pay off balanced payment before shipping. Q4: How about your delivery time? A: Delivery time depends on your order quantity, some special color need long time get material. But usually the delivery time is around 25-40 days for common color and profile.China UPVC Casement Window manufacturers website:

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